One man’s trash is another man’s treasure 

 January 30, 2024

By  Lost Coast Adventure Tours

We come across various different obsticles when guiding groups out on the trail. Some may involve safety concerns while others are more about making accommodations for fellow hikers to make their trip more enjoyable.

To create context for one of these scenerios we had two hikers, Emily and Sarah. Emily, mindful of the weight she had to carry, suggested sharing a tent to lighten her load. Sarah, initially had opted for her own tent, as she did not mind carrying the extra weight if it meant her having personal space. She reluctantly agreed, not wanting to create tension. As they set up camp that evening, Emily’s sleepying habits contrasted sharply with Sarah’s.

As the guides trekked through the trail with their group of hikers they stumbled upon what they like to call a “Charlie Brown Tent”; a rather trashed tent that was left behind by other hikers. They picked up to be able to pack it out and dispose of it correctly. 

As they arrived to their next campsite, Sarah found herself uncomfortable with the shared accommodation. Seeing the situation unfold, the guides decided to salvage the abandoned tent, turning it into a makeshift tarp shelter for Sarah.

Though it may not have been the preferred shelter for Sarah, she was grateful for her guides thinking outside the box and providing her with a solution to make her feel more comfortable during their multi-day excurision. 

Having guides out there with you that can find quick solutions to problems no matter how big or small they are can really be the difference in how enjoyable is.

Join a guided hike with us where you can have a piece of mind that we will always consider your needs and provide you with a solution if it is in our range of possiblity. 

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