A Little Sand Does the Soul Good… 

 February 20, 2019

By  Lost Coast Tours

Sometimes you need a little adventure in your life…

Whether it means escaping the daily work grind, or maybe you are amidst a major life event. People are drawn to the misty shores of the Lost Coast to find themselves and spend a little time reconnecting. The year of 2018 did not disappoint. The tales of playful otters, boisterous elephant seals, and majestic whales have become a regular feature at Lost Coast Adventure Tours, and the year 2018 was no exception.

Over the course of the season, we tackled blisters, slathered on gallons of sunscreen, and skillfully navigated around poison oak, covering a total of 100 miles. Our team safely transported thousands of hikers to their destinations, becoming a small yet integral part of their often transformative journeys. Meeting new people remains one of the highlights of our job. Our gear is sandy and our favorite meal at the end of a long trail day is the kind you can devour.

Whether you are local and visiting the trail for your one thousandth time or journeying across the States at Lost Coast Adventure Tours we welcome you with hot cups of strong coffee and a story for the trail.

We consider ourselves fortunate to blur the lines between work and play. Our decision to add guided trips to our roster came from a close connection with the land and the desire to share a wealth of experience and tradition that Shelter Cove has to offer. We have walked many miles and spent long hot days with new friends, building these experiences that make life worth living. Here on the coast we think that everyone should get an opportunity to feel the sand between their toes after a long day in hiking boots. Backpacking can momentarily take all your worries away, especially if you let someone else take care of all the careful planning.

Our staff is small and homegrown. We live and breath the salty air and shop from a store with three small isles. More often than not if you sit down to eat at one of the two local restaurants, you may be sitting nearby to one of the farmers who grew one of the items on your carefully prepared plate.A stroll around town won’t take more than twenty minutes,  and while can’t offer wild nightlife or shopping malls, we can offer an experience unlike any other and memories that will last a lifetime…


Lost Coast Tours

Operations Manager

Silvia Camarena

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