Meet The Team : Your Lost Coast Trail Insiders

Owner/Operator Blu Graham is that rare local guy who knows all the secrets of the Lost Coast area—and shares them with you.

Where it all Began

In 2011, Blu Graham began his journey with Lost Coast Adventure Tours, initially operating as a solo venture with just himself and his trusty van.

His initial goal was to provide guided trips on and around the Lost Coast. However, when he began getting calls they were all for shuttle service inquiries. That is when he realized the big need for transportation and put the guiding part on hold to focus on providing hikers with reliable transit between trailheads.

Born and raised on the Lost Coast, Blu did his first hike at age 9. He’s spent decades exploring Northern California trails and towns by motorcycle, truck, and foot. Fluent in Spanish, he also taught scuba diving in Venezuela for 4 years, then returned to open Lost Coast Adventure Tours in 2011.

It’s been a wild, beautiful ride for hundreds of happy adventurers ever since. In the 2016 season alone, Blu and his staff hiked over 350 miles on the Lost Coast trail. To date, he has accumulated over 2000 miles. Our team is out on the trail anywhere from 8-14 times a year.

We Transport Groups of up to 11 People for:

  • Trailhead dropoff and pickup
  • Guided Trips
  • Airport pickup (if the group meets the requirements)
  • Scenic Drives (minimum requirement)
  • Reasons to Ride With Us

    No stress. Why drive 60 miles over 2 hours on bumpy, windy, unfamiliar roads? Our drivers know the best ways to navigate the terrain and back roads. You’ll arrive relaxed and ready to hit the trail.

    We tell you all our trail secrets. You get decades’ worth of fun, interesting, unusual knowledge in just 2 hours: secluded beauty spots, the best sites for wildflowers or whale-watching, expert safety tips, and all your trail questions answered.

    You’re safer with us. Driving on your own is riskier than usual: There’s no public transportation or cell phone reception. With us, you’re completely taken care of.

    The wild beauty people rarely see. We take you through scenic, hidden parts of Northern California that only the locals know. It’s a spectacular prelude to your Lost Coast adventure.

    Pre-Book Your Seats

    Don’t wait ‘til you’re at the trail’s end to request a ride. Our seats fill up fast, especially from May to September. If your group is smaller than 3 it will not allow you to book online. Please email or call to book your seats.

    Guided Hikes

    Lost Coast Guided Tour

    Let us help you navigate through the coastal trail

    Guided hike packages include:

    • Transport to and from the trail
    • A knowledgeable local guide to lead your group
    • Permits (Dates are already set)
    • Meals (optional)
    • Water filtration and bear canisters
    • First Aid
    • Basic Gear if needed

    Meet Our Guides

    Blu Graham / Lead Guide

    Born and raised on the Lost Coast, Blu had a passion for adventure at a young age. From exploring on trips with his family out of the country to places like Australia and Venezuela, to secret swimming holes in Humboldt County, he has always loved the outdoors. You can guarantee he will jump in the water almost any time of the year. He has lots of experience in the backcountry and knows every inch of the Lost Coast Trail. He has been guiding for REI in addition to running Lost Coast Adventure Tours for several years. In 2022 he was nominated for Guide of the Year by REI. He is a great storyteller with lots of knowledge about the history of our beautiful area. He is a certified wilderness first responder with a background in first aid and fighting fires as the chief of Whale Gulch Fire Department.

    Assisted Guides for 2024

    Coming Soon


    It’s All Waiting for You. Here are just some of the splendors our Lost Coast adventurers enjoy throughout the season.


    The Lost Coast Trail includes the 24.6 miles (39.6 km) between Mattole and Black Sands Beach near Shelter Cove.

    Remember: Check out our Trip Planner and FAQs to prepare for the best possible adventure. You can also download a map of the King Range area.