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The ONLY Local Guide Service On The Lost Coast

We know all the hidden gems and backroads of this Northern California treasure. Whether you want a guided tour or a safe, scenic lift to the trailhead, we make it unforgettably awesome.

Update: We have begun the shuttle booking process for 2023! Our site calender will not be active to the public until our season officially starts on March 15th. To book a shuttle please email or call 707-986-9895 and leave a voicemail. We will be more than happy to get a reservation started for you!

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Transportation to and from the Bay Area included in all guided backpacking trip packages.

Welcome to your adventure on the Lost Coast…

Magical redwoods inspire people from all over the world to visit this stunning location. Whether people find their way to this area through whispers of secret waterfalls and hidden swimming holes, or to check an item off their bucket, we are no doubt, the number one backpacking destination in Northern California.

Let us take you off the beaten path and into the heart of our world-renowned destination. We'll handle the logistics, plan for the tides and show you the ropes.


Why Take Our Shuttle?

It’s safer, faster, and much more fun to ride with us! Our drivers share insider tips and show you spectacular places most people never see. Your greatest adventure begins before you even hit the trail.


How to Plan Your Trip

There’s a lot to know before you go on the most exhilarating outdoor adventure of your life. Let us help you avoid potential downers and fully enjoy all the breathtaking moments along the way.

See Our Trip Planner

Shuttle schedule, critical safety info, insider tips and tide chart.

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Comprehensive trail do's and don'ts.


Our Customers Love Our Trips


We would definitely recommend this reliable, safe shuttle service to others. Learning about the area is a bonus to the shuttle trip. Blu Graham has extensive local knowledge that he shares as you are being shuttled. He has given us many great tips on tides, ocean safety, pack food, hiking trails, showers, and history of the area.

Joey and Shannon

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We will be resuming shuttle services for the Lost Coast Trail on Friday, June 26th 2020.  If you are interested in making a reservation for a shuttle please contact us at or call us at 707-986-9895 for further information. We will be assisting in the reservation process until further notice. Online reservations are still suspended.

Covid-19 Updates (Great News)

As of June 15th, our shuttle service will go back to operating at full capacity. Safety precautions will still be taken to insure the well being of our passengers. If you do not feel comfortable sharing a shuttle with other groups, please contact us about booking a private shuttle. We appreciate your understanding and support as we transition back to normal operations.

<!--Lost Coast is working around the clock to stay up to date with COVID restrictions. Protocols are implemented to make sure everything is clean and sanitized for our passengers before and after shuttle use. Masks must be worn at all times and temperatures are checked before anyone is shuttled. Even though we are pre-screening everyone and taking all precautions we still cannot guarantee you that you will not get sick while using our services. By booking a shuttle with us you are shuttling at your own risk. Lost Coast is not liable. We will continue to do everything in our power to shuttle everyone safely so that we can continue to operate. --/>