We are happy to accomodate your booking needs!


We provide transportation for local events including weddings, fishing trips, eco tours and more. We also provide a variety of guided tours during the day and overnight trips. We are happy to do private events and operate on a first come first serve basis depending on the location and time of your adventure.

Our staff is on hand ready to help you with any questions regarding your event at (707) 986-9895 but please fill out our custom event request form here first.

Office hours are Monday through Thursday 10 AM to 2 PM, you can also contact us for further information at tours@lostcoastadventures.com

Custom Event Request Form

Fill out the required sections below. Include as many details as you can so that we can provide you with the most efficient response regarding your event.

Our staff will review the details thoroughly and contact you if we have additional questions. We provide detailed estimates within 2-3 business days.

If we are unable to provide our service for the requested activity we will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you for choosing to book with Lost Coast Adventure Tours!


We will be resuming shuttle services for the Lost Coast Trail on Friday, June 26th 2020.  If you are interested in making a reservation for a shuttle please contact us at info@lostcoastadventures.com or call us at 707-986-9895 for further information. We will be assisting in the reservation process until further notice. Online reservations are still suspended.

Covid-19 Updates (Great News)

As of June 15th, our shuttle service will go back to operating at full capacity. Safety precautions will still be taken to insure the well being of our passengers. If you do not feel comfortable sharing a shuttle with other groups, please contact us about booking a private shuttle. We appreciate your understanding and support as we transition back to normal operations.

<!--Lost Coast is working around the clock to stay up to date with COVID restrictions. Protocols are implemented to make sure everything is clean and sanitized for our passengers before and after shuttle use. Masks must be worn at all times and temperatures are checked before anyone is shuttled. Even though we are pre-screening everyone and taking all precautions we still cannot guarantee you that you will not get sick while using our services. By booking a shuttle with us you are shuttling at your own risk. Lost Coast is not liable. We will continue to do everything in our power to shuttle everyone safely so that we can continue to operate. --/>