Trail Scouting 

 April 19, 2018

By  Lost Coast Tours

Before we start the season, every year, we take a trip along the coast to scope out the trail! This time around expecting weather, we decided to brave the storm and packed our rain gear. We brought lots of dry (synthetic) layers. Good waterproof clothing and gear is worth the investment. We were excited to experience  Mother Nature and get our trail legs moving.

On the first day, we encountered an unexpected Southern wind accompanied by warm tropical rain. Despite the weather, the trail treated us to a breathtaking display of wildflowers. Lupin and poppies adorned our path as we covered thirteen miles before setting up camp. With hot drinks and a hearty meal, we cozied up for the night, embracing the elements from the comfort of our tents.

Day two greeted us with a break in the weather, and we wasted no time hitting the trail early. Highlights from the day included spotting a whale and other small wildlife. The birds were happily taking advantage of bits of sunshine. Along the way, we crossed paths with a family seeking refuge from the weather, and gladly shared some of our supplies with them.

A word of caution: after heavy rainfall, be cautious of creek crossings as they can rise and recede rapidly, posing significant danger. Exercise patience, waiting for the water levels to subside before crossing safely at the shallowest point. These creeks flow directly into the ocean, emphasizing the importance of monitoring weather forecasts and tide charts.

As day two drew to a close, we enjoyed a beachside dinner of stir-fry with noodles, accompanied by a glimpse of the sunset. Emphasizing the importance of sturdy shelters, we set up two tents for sleeping and a tarp shelter for cooking, mindful of our proximity to the ocean and the reach of high tides.

Setting out on the final morning to conclude our 28-mile journey (with a bit of extra exploration thrown in), our team made a point to collect and pack out any litter that had washed ashore.

If you have never hiked the Lost Coast trail or wish to learn more about the area, ask about our guided hikes.


Happy hiking!





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