Tips from the Lost Coast Trail

Our guides decided to take a trip along the coast to scope out the trail! Expecting weather, we decided to brave the storm and packed our rain gear. We brought lots of dry (synthetic) layers. Good waterproof clothing and gear is worth the investment. We were excited to experience  Mother Nature and get our trail legs moving.

Day one, we faced an unusual Southern wind and warm tropical rain. There was an incredible display of wildflowers along the way. Lupin and poppies decorated our blustery hike. We trekked thirteen miles then set up camp.  Hot drinks and a great meal are a good way to get warm. We settled in for the night to wait out the weather.

Day two we headed out early during a break in the weather.  Highlights from the day included spotting a whale and other small wildlife. Lots of birds were happily taking advantage of a tiny bit of sunshine. We met some company along the way including a family taking shelter from the storm and we were happy to share some of our provisions.

Be warned of creek crossings after a heavy rain! They have the capacity to rise and drop extremely fast and can be very dangerous. Wait for them to go down and cross slowly and safely in the lowest part of the water. These creeks flow straight down into the ocean. Be sure to check your weather report and your tide chart!

At the end of day two, we enjoyed dinner of stir fry with noodles on the beach. We were even lucky enough to catch part of a sunset. Don’t forget, bomb-proof shelters are a must! We set up two shelters to sleep in and also, a tarp shelter to cook under. Be aware of how close you are camping to the ocean and how far the water will reach at high tide.

We headed out the next morning to finish our 28-mile trip (we did some extra exploring.) Our team made sure to pack out some extra trash that had drifted up from the ocean.

If you have never hiked the Lost Coast trail or wish to learn more about the area, ask us about our guided trips!

Happy hiking!