Lost Coast Adventure Tours shuttle service is not responsible for a passengers trip itinerary while hiking the Lost Coast. Shuttle service is only responsible for getting passengers from Blacksand’s Beach trailhead to the Mattole Trailhead safely. Lost Cost Adventures will not transport anyone if it is deemed not safe to do so. This decision may be caused but not limited to weather conditions and road conditions. Once passengers are safely dropped off at their destination Lost Coast Adventures is not responsible for the passenger out on the trail. It is the passengers responsibility to check weather conditions, tides, swells, and trail conditions. If passengers decide to still be transported knowing there will be unfavorable conditions on the trail, Lost Coast Adventures is not responsible for any assistance needed. Lost Coast Adventures will go pick passengers back up if needed but they will have to pay full fare price.

Any assistance needed will have to go directly through emergency services. It is strongly suggested for hikers to have satellite phones.

At the time of booking a shuttle service a passenger must acknowledge it is their full responsibility to be prepared to hike the trail. Lost Coast Adventures will not help a passenger plan a trip due to liability concerns.

If a hiker is not feeling confident but wants to do this trail we suggest they sign up for guided hike trips provided by Lost Coast Adventures. If a hiker signs up for a guided hike it is then that Lost Coast Adventures will assume responsibility for more than just the logistics, an experienced guide will be able to physically be out there with the hiker to lead them through the trail safely.

If a hiker decides to opt for a guided hike, they must fill out a prior form disclosing all medical, dietary and any other restrictions that may affect them while they are out on the trail with our guides. Any failure to disclose important information will result in Lost Coast not taking responsibility for any mishaps that could have been avoided while being out on the trail.

Our main mission here at Lost Coast Adventure Tours is the safety of our passengers and hikers. We urge you to do your due diligence and be prepared, while this is a beautiful trail it is a raw remote area and the surrounding terrain is not easy to navigate. Don’t underestimate it.

Thank you for choosing Lost Coast Adventures for transportation and guided hike needs. In association with our local BLM rangers we will strive to provide hikers with the right knowledge to get them out on the trail safely. If you have any physical trail questions don’t hesitate to call the BLM office at 707-986-5400.