Camping Restrictions 

 January 30, 2024

By  Lost Coast Adventure Tours

Navigating Camping Restrictions and SRP Group Closures on the LCT

Fellow hikers, as you gear up for your outdoor adventures, it’s crucial to stay informed about specific areas where camping is restricted. The commitment to preserving the natural beauty of our beloved locations drives the need for certain limitations.

Camping Restrictions

1. Black Sands Beach (Humboldt Creek to Telegraph Creek)
Camping is not permitted on this stretch

2. Around Black Sands Beach or Parking Lot
Camping activities are not permitted here by the BLM. The closest BLM camping available is about 5 minutes away at Wailaki and Nadelos Campgrouds.

3. King Peak Road (Mile 2 to Mile 7)
The specified section of King Peak Road is off-limits for camping

4. Mattole River Area (1 Mile Inland from Mattole Campground)
Camping is not allowed north of Lighthouse Road and south of the Mattole River for a mile inland from the Mattole Campground.

5. Mattole Beach (500 Feet North and South of Mattole Campground)
We appreciate your cooperation in avoiding camping within 500 feet north and south of Mattole Campground along Mattole Beach.

Special Closure for SRP Groups

For those planning group camping activities, please be aware that campsites at Sea Lion Gulch, Randall Creek, Buck Creek, and Shipman’s Creek are closed to SRP groups between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. This temporary closure is necessary due to escalating resource damage and persistent sanitation issues.

The goal is to maintain the ecological balance and preserve the natural beauty of these areas. We understand that these restrictions may impact your plans, but your cooperation plays a vital role in sustaining the health of our environment.

Let’s continue to enjoy and protect this rural piece of land responsibly. By adhering to these guidelines, we ensure that future generations can experience the wonders of nature as we do today.

Happy camping, and let’s leave no trace but memories!


Lost Coast Adventure Tours

Operations Manager

Silvia Camarena

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