Why Take a Shuttle? 

 September 19, 2019

By  Lost Coast Adventure Tours

Why take a shuttle when you can drive yourself?

Saving money is always a great thing but sometimes that comes at a cost. While you are paying  $95 for a shuttle ride may seem costly you are avoiding other potential hazards, obstacles, and damages.

It is also important remember that not everyone can shuttle passengers. We have gone through great lengths to be permitted, insured and licensed. We are registered with the BLM, PUC and DOT and compliant with all regulations.

Though the drive is beautiful people under estimate this 32 mile trip.

The road is full of curves the whole way through, in this windy road you experience:

  • Blind corners
  • Storm damage
  • Potholes
  • One way lanes
  • Slides
  • Trucks hauling trailers on very narrow roads

While it is only 32 miles it takes roughly around 2 hours one way to get to the Mattole Trailhead from the Black Sands Beach Trailhead


As you’re preparing for you hike you can have a peace of mind on this long drive

Riding the shuttle comes with mindful perks:

  • Stress-free on shuttle
  • Gives you time to mentally prepare
  • Time to have everything packed and get your itinerary in order to be ready to go
  • Enjoy  the scenic route
  • Your car is left in a safe parking area that is well lit, monitored and has constant traffic.

** Mattole end is not as safe break-ins have happened due to it being so remote out there.

Once you finish the trail you get to go home instead of having to go back to get car 2 hours away.


Knowledgeable and trusting drivers

Our drivers know the main guidelines and safety tips of the trail, they can answer any question you may have

All drivers are familiar with the road and can get you to your destination in a safe manner

They can give local insight and have stories to share about the area to those that have never been to the Lost Coast before


Though $95 sounds a bit expensive to some you have to think of unforeseen circumstances

  • Car damage in a remote place can be expensive, stressful, and inconvenient.
  • Average tire repair $10-20
  • Tow truck $150/hr –Brown’s towing charges extra to go on dirt roads
  • Struts/shocks average $600
  • Brakes average $100-150 per axle
  • Oil pan replacement – $100 -300

 Save $1000 in potential damage to your car by paying $95


Nature and remoteness can come as an obstacle

  • Trees
    Falling trees happen very frequently often blocking entire road.
  • Wildlife
    Deer crossing, cattle, and bears
  • No Services
    Once you get close to the Trailhead the only one gas station  is in Honeydew. Because it is out of the way it is easy to run out of gas and be stuck
  • NO Cell Service
    If you do happen to have any kind of personal or vehicular problems you might not be able to obtain help in a timely matter

The Mattole Road is on the list of Most Dangerous Roads in North America

According to dangerousroads.org this road has made the list as the longest completely undeveloped stretch of shoreline in California but also considered apart of the world’s most spectacular roads. Book a shuttle and get to enjoy it in it’s full raw form.

“Mattole Road is mostly two-lanes, although they’re usually very narrow lanes, with plenty of curves. Even though it’s a while before the ocean comes into view, it’s still an awesome drive.” – Dangerousroads

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