Journey through the Wilderness: A Life Spent in the Great Outdoors 

 February 29, 2024

By  Lost Coast Adventure Tours

Getting to know Blu Graham 

Living in the midst of nature, surrounded by towering redwoods and the soothing sounds of the ocean, has been a lifelong dream for many. For Blu Graham, born and raised in Leggett, California, this dream turned into reality. In this blog post, we dive into the life of an outdoor enthusiast who has not only explored the wild terrains of Northern California but has also wandered through exotic locations across the globe.


Early Roots in Leggett

Our story begins in Leggett, CA, where Blu was born in a humble cabin. The love for the outdoors was instilled from the very beginning, growing up in the natural beauty that California has to offer. The nearby trails, like the LCT and SLCT, became early stomping grounds.


From California to Venezuela

The journey took an unexpected turn when Blu decided to spend 3 1/2 years in Venezuela from 1993 to 1996, working as a scuba diving instructor. This stint allowed for a unique blend of work and adventure, exploring the depths of the ocean and immersing in the rich culture of South America. This venture is what ultimately led Blu to want to start his own tour company. 


Backpacking Across the Globe

The love for backpacking became a constant companion throughout life, with an impressive list of explored locations from the stunning landscapes of Australia to the vibrant cultures of Jamaica, Guatemala and Mexico. Blu has road-tripped through the United States, covering states like Montana, Utah, Arizona, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Oregon, and Colorado. Latin America also witnessed the footprints, with backpacking adventures in Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia. This all led to his big Patagonia trip in the winter of 2023 exploring Peru, Argentina and Chile. 


Lost Coast: A Homecoming

Among all the breathtaking experiences worldwide, the Lost Coast remains the most cherished. Over 2000 miles of hiking, with more than 100 trips, make it a second home. The rugged beauty, ever-changing landscapes, and life-altering moments have etched a permanent mark in Blu. 


Guiding and Outdoor Expertise:

The passion for the outdoors transcended personal exploration into a profession. Guiding since 1993 and later contracting with REI for guided tours, Blu brings a wealth of experience to those eager to explore the wilderness. In 2022 he was even nominated for guide of the year by REI. With a medical background to add to his extensive knowledge that include rescue diver and first responder certifications, making safety the most important component on every journey.


From the humble beginnings in Leggett to the vast terrains of Venezuela, from the iconic Lost Coast to the exotic landscapes of Australia, Blu’s journey exemplifies a life truly lived in the great outdoors. The heart remains in Humboldt County, but the spirit roams the globe, leaving footprints and memories in every corner of the world.

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