Camping Within the LCT Tidal Zones 

 September 3, 2019

By  Lost Coast Adventure Tours

There are several ways to plan your backpacking trip along the Lost Coast but no matter how you do it, there is always one factor you need to take into account first: the Ocean.

Navigating the Lost Coast Trail presents a unique set of challenges, with three trail sections rendered impassable during high tide and even during a low tide over 3.0. While the general rule advises entering the tidal zone two hours before low tide and exiting no later than two hours before high tide, it’s crucial to note that exceptions exist, particularly during winter months and periods of higher than usual tide sizes.

When strategizing daily destinations, it’s wise to consider camping areas near the creeks within the tidal zones. These designated camp spots, namely Cooskie Creek, Shipman’s Creek, and Buck Creek, offer flexibility for shorter days if needed or the opportunity for a determined push to cover substantial ground before the next day. It’s imperative to be mindful of your camping location, as the presence of seaweed and driftwood from the previous day can serve as indicators of potential water levels the following day.

While Cooskie and Shipman’s Creek campsites are slightly larger than Buck Creek, in a pinch, travelers can explore further up the creek to discover additional spots if other groups have already occupied the primary locations.

In the spirit of preparedness, planning ahead is key. If you have more questions about campsites and tidal zone camping safety you can call the local BLM rangers at (707) 986-5400. They are more than happy to assist you. You can also call our office and schedule a phone call with one of our experienced guides.



(Evening shot at Cooskie Creek pictured below…)

Sunset view in the Lost Coast Trail

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