Camping Within the LCT Tidal Zones

There are several ways to plan your backpacking trip along the Lost Coast but no matter how you do it, there is always one factor you need to take into account first: the Ocean.

We have three sections of the trail that are impassible during high tide, and even during a low tide over a 3.0. The general rule of thumb is to enter the tidal zone two hours before low tide and be out of that section no later than two hours before high tide. Keep in time this rule doesn’t always apply, especially during winter months and higher than usual tide sizes.

A helpful tip when deciding what your destinations are for the day, is to take into consideration that they are camping areas up near the creeks within the tidal zones. These camp areas are called, Cooskie Creek, Shipman’s Creek and Buck Creek. This allows for a shorter day if necessary or a further push to get partway through a section before the next day. Be aware of where you set up camp, the seaweed and driftwood from the day before are a good indication of where the water might reach the following day. Cooskie and Shipman’s are a bit larger than Buck Creek but in a pinch you can travel up the creek a ways to find additional spots if another group happens to beat you there.

Plan ahead and prepare, and when in doubt, call our office to chat with one of our experienced guides!

(Evening shot at Cooskie Creek pictured below…)

Sunset view in the Lost Coast Trail